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Classic Moments - March

Claire Bullen

Lass, Jess, Maisey and Jed
Classic Moment - Claire Bullen

Lass, Jess, Maisey and Jed


8-year-old Lass is an ex-search dog for the Royal Air Force who has served in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. Her job was to find explosive devices, weapons and ammunition to save the lives of civilians and military personnel. 


4-year-old Jess is currently mastering the initial stages of gundog training and hopes to be in the beating line next season.


3-year-old Maisey is currently enjoying her second season in the field. She is renowned as the mischievous dog of the pack.


9-year-old Jed is also an ex-search dog in the Royal Air Force. Full of life, Jed enjoys nothing more than searching for squirrels instead of explosives.