The Facts On Nutrition

Whether your dog is a family pet or a little more active, making sure that he is getting the right nutrition is vital for his general health and well being. Each nutrient that goes into a fully balanced dog food like Chudleys is necessary, so here are a few facts about those all important nutrients:


This is an essential part of any dog’s diet. Good quality protein not only provides the building blocks necessary for growth and muscle development, but it also plays an important role in other vital functions such as cell regeneration, tissue renewal and immune function.  As a result of this, younger growing dogs and those that are more active will need more protein in their feed than a less active adult dog.


Carbohydrates in the diet help to provide energy and bulk. They are stored as glycogen in the muscle, ready for use as energy sources when your dog enjoys short, sharp bursts of exercise such as running around, chasing his ball and play. We now also understand the role of certain carbohydrates in gut health and the immune system; this role is the basis of pre-biotics, widely used to benefit your dog in the Chudleys range.


Fats and oils are a concentrated energy source (2.5 times the value of carbohydrates for the same weight), carry fat soluble vitamins and the essential fatty acids which are key to membrane structure and skin quality. The omega 3 essential fatty acids play important roles in modulating inflammatory responses, whereas the omega 6 fatty acids help to enhance skin and coat condition, making sure that your dog looks shiny and healthy.

Dogs are especially able to make use of fat as a fuel source.  It helps to enhance your dog’s stamina so it is this energy he is using when he comes for long runs in the countryside with you!

Vitamins, Minerals & Trace Elements

Just as they are essential for us humans, vitamins, minerals and trace elements are vitally important for the dog’s general health and wellbeing too. They play a necessary role in all of the body’s different functions and a lack of them could certainly lead to your dog feeling a bit under the weather.


Making sure we get those all important “5 a day” provides us with the antioxidants that we need to keep healthy and active and this is no different for your dog. Antioxidants help to combat the damage caused by free radicals in the body.  As your dog becomes more active, his body is subjected to increasing levels of free radical damage. It is important to help support your dog’s own natural defence system, so we have our own patented antioxidant cocktail (QLC) included in Chudleys feeds to help support the needs of your dog.

Here at Chudleys we work with one of the UK’s leading canine nutritionists to make sure that each and every bowl of our food is not only delicious and tasty, but that it meets your dog’s exact requirements. This means that you can rest assured that feeding Chudleys will help your dog to stay happy, healthy and active!