Chudleys Extra

Chudleys Extra

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Chudleys Extra

Need to keep your dog performing at his best? 

  • Our special blend of herbs including: Echinacea, Fenugreek, Cramp Bark, Mint & Limestone Flour. 
  • Formulated to provide extra support for really active dogs in terms of speed, recovery & immune function. 
  • May also help dogs that are prone to muscle cramps. 
  • Ideal for gun dogs and those competing in activities such as Agility, Flyball & Cani-cross. 
  • Great for keeping your dog at the top of his game all season!


Echinacea, Ground Fenugreek, Mint, Cramp Bark, Limestone Flour.

    Size of dogAmount daily in food
    Small 1/2 scoop
    Small-Medium 1 level scoop
    Medium-Large 1-2 scoops
    Giant 2-3 scoops

    Chudleys Specialist Care

    Every recipe in the Chudleys range has been specially developed with all of the vitamins and nutrients your dog needs for a healthy active life.

    To meet each individual dog's exact nutritional requirements, whether he is young or old, a much loved family pet or your working partner, we have also included a range of specialist nutrient packages for additional support.

    The icons below are listed throughout the website next to the appropriate feeds to help you choose the right feed for your dog whatever his age and lifestyle!

    • Immune Support
    • Coat & Skin
    • Weight Control
    • Joint Care
    • Senior Dog
    • Heart & Liver
    • Digestive Support
    • Energy Management