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1st June - Results from Gundog Championship at Highclere Country Fair

Chudleys announces results from Gundog Championship at Highclere Country Fair

The Great Wall Motor World Series Gundog Championship with Chudleys took place at the Highclere Country Fair over the Bank Holiday weekend from 26-27 May, with both old and new faces eager to confirm their places at this September’s Midland Game Fair Grand Final.

Sponsored by car giants Great Wall Motor and dog food makers Chudleys, the Gundog Championship is always a popular choice with handlers and dogs up and down the country, with many hoping to beat previous times and bag a brand new Great Wall Steed Tracker in the process too.

Organising the Gundog Championship at Highclere this year, Laura Bacon expresses her joy at the support the Championship receives: “The Bank Holiday weekend not only brought with it glorious weather but the 3rd and 4th rounds of a remarkable Championship that continues to do well. Welcoming competitors in their hundreds, Highclere has a new set of qualifiers confirmed and uncovered some superb talent, we can’t wait to see what happens at the next rounds at the Sussex Country Fair.”

With all the action from the weekend providing some fantastic viewing, the next rounds at the Sussex Country Fair promises an event not to be missed! For your chance to buy discounted tickets to this year’s event, you can call in advance on 0845 230 5175.

The Sussex Country Fair takes place over 15th and 16th June 2013. Countryman Fairs organise 5 award-winning events across the UK throughout the year, each showcasing the very best in country life. For more information on all of Countryman Fairs award winning events visit the website at and join us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news and developments as they happen.


Great Wall Motor World Series Gundog Results

Sunday 26th May 2013



Mark ‘n’ Blind

1st           D. Jenkinson and Lexi    

2nd          J. Siddons and Molly

3rd           W. Wicking and Harvey


Double Double

1st           K. Warburton and KD

2nd          W. Wicking and Harvey

3rd           L. Jenkinson and Max


Short Fence

1st           K. Warburton and KD

2nd          M. Yarmouth and Kite

3rd           C. Richardson and Poppy


Long Retrieve

1st           D. Jenkinson and Lexi

2nd          R. Jenkinson and Tara

3rd           K. Warburton and KD


Up ‘n’ Over

1st           I. Brothers and Ollie

2nd          L. Graham and Ziggy

3rd           C. Adsett and Arnie


Novice Retrieve

1st           C. Smith and Abbi

2nd          C. Hancock and Peppa

3rd           S. Siddons and Sam


Scurry Qualifiers

Top Labrador                     K. Warburton and KD

Top Spaniel                         S. Siddons and Mac


Working Test Labradors

1st           Steve Townsend and Ellie

2nd          G. Wright and Laney

3rd           D. Ward and Mika


Working Test Spaniels

1st           S. Blackwell and Tyke

2nd          J. Siddons and Molly

3rd           K. John and Poppy


Working Test Qualifiers

Top Labrador     Steve Townsend and Ellie

Top Spaniel         S. Blackwell and Tyke


Junior Championship Qualifiers

1st           Alesha Wicking and Harvey


Great Wall Motor World Series Gundog Results

Monday 27th May 2013



Mark ‘n’ Blind

1st           G. Edwards and Kali        18.83

2nd          S. Blackwell and Tyke     20.82

3rd           R. Jenkinson and Lexi     21.68


Double Double

1st           G. Edwards and Kali        21.81

2nd          R. Jenkinson and Tara    22.31

3rd           C. Blithrey and Abby       23.38


Short Fence       

1st           S. Bulled and Sweeney  9.35

2nd          Gilly Edwards and Kali    9.49

3rd           R. Jenkinson and Lexi     9.64


Long Retrieve

1st           S. Bulled and Elton                           13.78

2nd          Charlotte Pottinger and Millie    13.86

3rd           Richard Jenkinson and Lexi          13.92


Up ‘n’ Over

1st           R. Jenkinson and Lexi                     18.68

2nd          P. Lisney and Pippa                         18.82

3rd           S. Adamson and Ere                        19.24


Novice Retrieve

1st           J. Neville and Lexi                            19.59

2nd          D. Reeve and Jack                            19.81

3rd           K. Prince and Button                       23.96


Scurry Qualifiers

Top Labrador                     Richard Jenkinson and Lexi          87.60 (Q)

Top Spaniel                         T. Sparrowhawke and Ella            100.05 (Q)


Working Test Labradors

1st           D. Gallimore and Lottie                  1:38.09 (Q)

2nd          G. Wright and Lanky                       1:41.10 

3rd           Neil Ward and Grace                      1:46.00


Working Test Spaniels

1st           Kevin John and Poppy                   1:35.00

2nd          S. Blackwell and Tyke                     1:44.38

3rd           Valerie Maskell and Trixie            1:51.35


Working Test Qualifiers

Top Labrador                     D. Gallimore and Lottie

Top Spaniel                         V. Maskell and Trixie


Junior Championship Qualifiers

1st           Logan Harvey and Gunner           53.78

2nd          George Smith and Rose                                72.99