03 January 2017


After a triumphant performance in the 2016 BASC Chudleys Scurry League, we caught up with winner Dave Ross to find out more about the 2016 victor…

How old is your winning Lab, Jack, and how long have you owned him for?

Jack a.k.a. Marvelous Mossie is four and a half years old. I have owned him since he was just 8 weeks old.

Do you have any other dogs? 

I have 6 dogs in total – 2 springer spaniels, 3 labs and a patterdale terrier. 

At which event(s) did you qualify for the BASC Chudleys Scurry League Final?

I qualified for the final at the Raptor Fair and the BASC Gamekeeper’s Fair.

How active is your Lab Jack? Does he regularly train, compete at gundog events, work the field etc.? 

I regularly train all my dogs for the shooting field and go picking up twice a week during the shooting season. I also take training classes and lessons in Betley, Cheshire.

This year my dogs have won a number of scurries, Novice and Open working tests and both, Marvelous Mossie (Jack) and one of my Springer's Ffynonlas Smudge (Kai), have won field trials to make them Field Trial Winner’s.

It's been a fantastic year all round with all of my dogs.

Did you train regularly on the run up to the Final?

I don't train solely to compete in scurries, it is just something I do if I have a dog that after all the basic training is complete still has enough speed to win a scurry.

Do you have any advice for future competitors in the 2017 BASC Chudleys Scurry League?

My main advice for anybody who wants to compete in the scurries is to forget about the clock. Use the scurries as a training exercise and to make sure your dog does as it’s told even though the clock is running, as good dogs may be ruined by rushing, snatching and letting them get away with things you wouldn't stand for in training. 

Will you be competing in the 2017 BASC Chudleys Scurry League? 

I have a couple of young dogs that I will probably run in the 2017 scurries as I think dogs work best and listen well in that kind of environment. Then when it comes to the shooting field, it should be a doddle.

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