02 October 2017


This week we met with the 2017 reigning Chudleys Gundog Champion Winner, Lee Barlow to discover a little more about him and his impressive springer spaniel, Tilly.

How does it feel to have won for the second year in a row?
I am over the moon; I never thought I would win two times in a row.

How old is your winning dog and how long have you owned her for?
My winning dog Tilly is six, I have owned her since she was a puppy she is a fantastic Gundog out in the working field.

Did you implement a rigorous training regime to take the winning title?
No I just continued with Tilly’s normal training, which I find always, helps me in the shooting field.
She has always been an extremely fast dog with a mind of her own. Sometimes she runs perfectly without any distractions and other days, it’s quite the opposite. I find keeping up with regular training really makes a difference.

What will you spend the your cash prize on?
I will be spending my winnings on all of my dogs, all 5 of them!
Did you learn any valuable lessons about the competition?
That keeping calm and focused all the time is the best way to achieve the results you want.
Was there a point when you knew you could possibly win the competition? 
Not really, I just took each round at a time, as there were so many good dogs out there I knew there was a possibility I could be out at any moment.

Besides from winning, what was your highlight of the competition?
The first round was my highlight as I only had about 4 seconds left to complete it. So I was delighted to get through at that point.
What are your tips for those who have never competed before and are planning on having a go in 2018? 
Keep training! I try to train Tilly 3 to 4 times per week.

Will you be competing in the 2018 Chudleys Gundog Championship?
Hopefully! But until next year who knows what might happen.

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