03 January 2019


How did you first get into gundog training? - I first got into gundog training on Father’s Day 2013; my stepdad got me out of bed and said “do I want to win a car?” Obviously I shot up and off we went to Countryman Fairs Sussex Game Fair at Parham Park. I ran my stepdads dog and managed to qualify for the final straight away on my first time running a dog. From then on I was up every morning and out every night training Dillon until I got dogs of my own later that year. That year I went on to win the Great wall and Chudleys Gundog Championships with Dillon! 

What do you enjoy most about gundog training? - The thing I enjoy most about training gundogs is when you work hard every morning and night with these dogs, constantly trying to get them to do what you’re asking and then it just clicks. It’s an incredible moment to see your dog succeed. You can put it into practice in the field and in competitions. 

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting into scurrying? - The advice I’d give to someone that wanted to get in to scurries would be get yourself to a Countryman’s Game Fair or another Game Fair and see what it’s all about. Give it a go and ask people’s advice, everyone at the Game Fairs are really friendly and happy to help. If you train your dog regularly and want to compete, scurries are definitely the best things to start with! 

How did it feel to win at the Chudleys Gundog Championship? - To win the Chudleys Gundog Championships this year was one of the biggest achievements of my life! It was amazing to win it for a second time, but to win it with my own dog was the best feeling in the world! 

What are your plans for 2019? In 2019 I want to get as many Game Fairs as possible as it really is good fun. I’ll also be trialing and working my dogs on shoots as often as work will allow me too! 

Where did the name for your dog come from? - So my dogs name is Dave and she is a bitch. When I was younger I had another bitch, which I named Dave, who also won the competition twice. Sadly Dave was run over and killed at 8 months old. This broke my heart, so when I had my new dog I just had to call her Dave too. This Dave the 2nd and she is probably my favourite thing in life! 

What Chudleys recipe do you feed? - I’ve been feeding the Chudleys Grain Free Chicken and Vegetable. She absolutely loves it.  

We heard that you went on to win some other events this season, what were they and how did you place? - This year I have been competing in field trials with Dave and my cocker John. I’ve had three runs this season with Dave. The first I received a certificate of merit, I was put out in the second and then I won the third trial. 

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