06 September 2018


The penultimate round is about to take place.

The stage was set for another exciting two days at the Fenland Country Show, which hosted the second to last round of the BASC Chudleys Scurry League. Skilled handlers and their talented sidekicks were eager to begin another intense competition.

There were several scurries taking place at the event including: multi pick up, around the clock, long retrieve, obstacle and junior obstacle.

The dummies are released.

It was another beautiful sunny day and the excitement was high as incredible displays of skill filled the scurry courses. R. Bunning with Drake continued their top performance in the multi pick up class and claimed 1st place with a time of 24.09 seconds. They also finished 1st in long retrieve with a time of 25.31 seconds. L. Southern with Macey wowed the crowds in the around the clock scurry finishing on 22.69 seconds.

1st place in the junior obstacle scurry went to K. Murdoch with Harley for a time of 19.76 seconds. A Davies with Bertie continue their impressive year finishing 1st place in the obstacle scurry with a time of 17.50 seconds.

Monday brought another day of action packed scurry fun.

The gundogs were back in action for another day of fierce competition. R.Bunning with Drake continued to their wining streak in the multi pick up with a time of 36.83 seconds, around the clock in a time of 21.32 seconds and long retrieve in a time of 24.10 seconds. Demonstrating strong handling and hunting skills, K. Cleary with Barley took home 1st place with a time of 16.97 seconds. K. Murdoch with Harley secured the quickest time in the junior obstacle scurry finishing on 20.46 seconds.

After another two days of scurry excitement there is just one round left in the competition.

The last round of the BASC Chudleys Scurry League will take place at Frampton Show on the 9th September.

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