04 April 2018


It is vital that pregnant bitches receive all the nutrition they need to ensure they stay healthy and produce a healthy litter of puppies.

In the early stages of a puppy’s life they are solely dependent on their mother for all their nutritional needs; that’s why it is important to provide bitches with high quality feed formulated from wholesome ingredients.

Chudleys expert nutritionists have devised a handy nutrition guide for feeding bitches during pregnancy and for feeding young pups. 


For the first five to six weeks your bitch will not require any additional calories and can be fed her usual diet. The puppies will do the majority of their growth during the last three to four weeks.


During the last three to four weeks, ensure you begin to gradually increase the bitch’s calorie intake. 

  • Chudleys expert nutritionists recommend Chudleys Working Crunch or Performance for a higher calorie feed.
  • Some owners like to add puppy food to the bitches diet. This is fine to do so but it is important to monitor the bitch’s condition to ensure she does not become overweight.


The mother’s milk will be the puppies’ main source of nutrition for the first few weeks of their lives. However, if the bitch is struggling to produce enough milk for her litter, Chudleys Starter Milk will ensure the puppies receive optimum nutrition.

  • A growing puppy’s nutritional requirements are much higher than adult dogs; therefore it is essential that the puppy receives all the nutrients required for full growth and development.
  • Puppies require a higher nutrient level, however they should grow steadily and not too quickly for bone growth.
  • Chudleys expert nutritionists suggest feeding a specifically formulated puppy food such as Chudleys Puppy/Junior to young pups. 
  • Puppy/Junior has been specifically formulated to give the right balance of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and provides a moderate energy level for steady growth.
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