14 March 2017


Chudleys has announced its continued support for the ISA Gundog Challenge following the success of the competition in 2016.

Hosted by The Gundog Company, the ISA Gundog Challenge is designed for primary school children aged from 3 to 12 years of age with the aim of raising awareness of handling and training gundogs.

The Gundog Company visit ISA (Independent School Association) schools throughout 2017, providing educational demonstrations on how to handle and train gundogs. Once the demonstrations are complete, children are invited to practice the commands before their classmates, and at the end of the day, two children will be presented with certificates as finalists and will be invited to compete in the final. Since the training demonstrations began, primary school children have been inspired to write their own creative stories about dogs.

Taking place later in the year, finalists and their parents will receive free passes to the weekend event and children will get the chance to win playground equipment for their school, book vouchers courtesy of Chudleys and the ISA Junior Gundog Challenge trophy. Runners up and entrants will also receive prizes.

Organiser John Robertson commented: “We thank Chudleys for supporting us again this year and we very much look forward to the new season. Last year we attended 54 schools and this year we already have 81 booked in, which is expected to grow to over 100.”

For more information, please visit: www.thegundogcompany.co.uk

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