02 June 2019


Congratulations Julie on qualifying for the Chudleys Gundog Championship Grand Final. We saw the delight and amazement on your face when your name got called at the Highclere Country Show, tell us a little bit about your journey with your Working Dog Kitty and why you seemed so shocked to be heading to the final.

“Well, where do I start and what can I say about Kitty! I am running Kitty my Labrador retriever this year, as my trusty companion Cody, who I ran in the final last year, is having puppies and I still wanted to run a dog in the Scurries with my partner Steve and his dogs. We have great fun during the show season and I didn’t want to miss that, so I thought give it a go!”

Tell us a little bit about Kitty.

“Kitty has just turned 2 years old and this is her first season out on the Gundog Scurries, in fact bank holiday Monday at Highclere was only her fifth event. We knew from training that Kitty was going to be quick, but she lacks confidence so we needed to start building her experience through participating and having a go”. 

So, was this her first time in the prizes?

“She has received a couple of third place trophies at previous shows and we ran well on the Sunday at Highclere but I just couldn’t get her to retrieve the little dummy on the Pick and Mix.” 

Monday was Kitty’s Day!

“Monday proved to be Kitty’s day, yes. She handled really well on all the scurries and finally picked the little dummy on the Pick and Mix in a really good time. I am so pleased that we qualified through the Victor Lodurum. I was so happy for Kitty, I didn’t expect to qualify in her first season so I was shocked when they called my name out at the presentation but delighted at the same time.”

What’s next?

“We will keep training throughout the summer and concentrate on keeping Kitty fit and well.

And what about the final, are you nervous?

“We’re really looking forward to the final. It’s always a great day and I have been there with Cody. I will be nervous but we have some great friends in the final with us who always look after each other.

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