05 October 2018


The fifth and final qualifying round of the Chudleys Gundog Championship 2018 took place at the Midland Game Fair, on Saturday 15th September. 

With most of the finalists already confirmed, this was the last opportunity to grab the final qualifying spaces on offer. The atmosphere was visibly tense!

To qualify, handlers had to compete across the gundog scurries or working test. The gundog scurries is your combined time across each scurry including the Long Retrieve, Duck Distraction, Short Fence, Up and Over and the Pick ‘n’ Mix.

As the scurries began, the crowds gathered to watch the action unfold and were treated to some high quality displays of speed, stamina and skill.  

In the Working Test, Charlotte Brown with her Retriever Edward finished 1st place in a time of 1.42:27 and Dave Gallimore with his Spaniel Jimmy put on an impressive performance; both Charlotte and Dave qualified for the grand final. 

Brian Hartree with Ziva took top spot in the Up & Over with a time of 15.17 seconds. The duo also finished 1st in the Duck Distraction with a time of 21.59 seconds. Julie Naylor with Fire finished the Short Fence in 9.28 seconds to take 1st place. In Long Retrieve, Alison Holden with Amber topped the group in a time of 17.04 seconds. Steve Cumbridge with Meg finished 1st in the Pick ‘n’ Mix with a time of 25.03 seconds. The Pot Black saw Steve Townsend with Dee finish in 1st place with an impressive time of 1.50:77.  

The Victor Ludorum winners in the final qualifying round of the 2018 Chudleys Gundog Championship were Kevin John with Bonzo in the spaniels and Phil Lisney with Tibby in the retrievers. 

All of the action from Sunday at the Midland Game Fair

Rob Bunning with Drake was in action after an amazing season in the BASC Chudleys Scurry League. Not only did he have the quickest time in the working test retrievers, they also finished with the overall fastest time in 1:04:98. It was John Robertson with Ruby to finish 1st place in the working test spaniels in a time of 1:18.02.

Steve Townsend with Dee took top honours in several events including the Short Fence with a time of 7.71 seconds, the Pick ‘n’ Mix with a time of 20.83 seconds and the Pot Black with a time of 1:42.80. They were also the winners of the Victor Ludorum retrievers in a time of 88.87. 

The Victor Ludorum spaniel winner was K.A Daley with Halo in a time of 115.60. In the Long Retrieve Brain Hartree with Breeze finished in 1st place in a time of 15.12. D. Dedicoat with Purdy took 1st place on the Up & Over in a time of 14.22 seconds. 

In the junior events, Kiera Murdoch with Harley finished in a time of 8.91 seconds on the Short Fence and 17.65 seconds in the Long Retrieve to claim 1st place in both scurries. Florrie Gaynor with Merlin claimed first place on the Up & Over scurry in a time of 15.44 seconds.

The overall junior handler winner on the day that qualified for the 2019 Chudleys Junior Gundog Championships was Kiera Murdoch with Harley. 

It has been an incredible 2018 of gundog action; each qualifying round has presented some amazing skill and abilities from both the handlers and their dogs. With the stage set for the grand final, it’s sure to be an exciting close to another fantastic year. 

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