20 July 2018


Chudleys are proud to announce the launch of brand new product, Duck with Rice & Vegetables, in the all new Sporting range. The product, first in new look Chudleys packaging, is an all-round premium diet designed to meet the requirements of both working and sporting dogs.

Canine nutritionist Dr John Lowe states that Duck with Rice & Vegetables is a “working dog diet. Formulated with extra duck, the diet combines 23% protein, 12% fat and an appetising blend of ingredients to encourage taste palatability with nutritional excellence. The nutritional balance tailored for the medium to hard working dog with its energy from fat sources is further enhanced by additional carnitine and taurine to help support muscle metabolism; the heart of the working dog. The addition of functional fibres and prebiotics provide for nutritional support of the intestine and the immune system whilst green lipped mussel, omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine act synergistically as an aid to the maintenance of the joints enhancing a dog’s mobility. Care of that all-important outward appearance has bolstered by the profile of key vitamins, amino acids and trace nutrient to aid improved coat condition. An all-round delicious diet for sporting dogs.”

Brand ambassador Howard Kirby of Lain Shooting School and Mullenscote Dog Training Centre goes on to say that the formula is an “all-round diet that is just perfect for our dogs as they need to be fit, healthy and in top condition at all times. Due to the energy content, we will feed it all year round as it will keep our dogs fit and active during rest and training season and give energy bursts during the sporting season. The dogs have been on Duck with Rice & Vegetables for a few months now and they’re looking great on it.”

James Ireland, brand manager for Chudleys said “we have launched Duck with Rice & Vegetables as we wanted to create a diet which was not only delicious but also packed with features for both working and sporting dogs.” When discussing the Sporting range, Ireland went on to state that “the Sporting range offers tasty diets with moderate energy levels tailored for performance in the field. I am looking forward to launching the Sporting range, along with the rest of the ranges in the portfolio, at the Midland Game Fair at Weston Park in September.”

Available in both small and large bags with the 15kg bags retailing at £27.50.

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