30 August 2017


Join Chudleys on the 1st – 3rd September 2017 for the fantastic Chatsworth Country Fair. Set within the stunning surroundings of Chatsworth Park, the Country Fair truly is a weekend of celebration for the countryside and its pursuits.

From the most experienced of handlers to the more novice dogs, there are plenty of different pursuits to take part in. You will be able to demonstrate your dog training skills, talk to the experts, receive guidance and handy advice or simply sit back and enjoy.

Chudleys are excited to announce that they are sponsoring this years Chatsworth Gundog Scurries. Visit over the weekend to get your share of special offers and compete in the gundog competition to win some superb prizes.

The Scurries to be held over the weekend will consist of:

Multi Pick-Up – You and your dog have to work together to retrieve five canvas dummies and must achieve the fastest time to win, but fear not, the clock always stops in between the retrieves.

The Water Scurry – Known to be one of the more complex of scurries, dogs will need to cross the River Derwent to retrieve dummies. This is a great event for gundogs that love water.

Up and Over – Involves a series of straw bale jumps with one dummy to be retrieved from the end. This competition is open to only gundogs. But, you can have a go just for fun with any breed of dog.

Junior Up and Over – For the younger handlers, this scurry also involves a series of straw bale jumps with a dummy to retrieve from the end. Open to gundogs only, however, any breed of dog can have a go just for fun.

The Mixed Double – Is a two dummy retrieve racing against the clock.

The Novice Mixed Double – Gives inexperienced handlers and gundogs the chance to take part.

The Chatsworth Challenge – Incorporates all four of the events, the dog that is able to successfully complete all four scurries in the fastest time, over the 3 days will become the Chatsworth Challenge Gundog Champion and see themselves taking home the 2017 Chatsworth Champion trophy.

To book your Chatsworth Country Fair tickets please click here

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