20 February 2020


For some, their working gundogs revert to being 100% pampered family pets outside of their working shoot season others, however, will continue to work daily.

Traditionally, out of season, gundogs would be swapped onto a lower “maintenance” ration of food. If the activity level of the dog is dramatically reduced, this is a sensible move to avoid the issue of off-season weight gain and Chudleys Original is perfect for dogs at rest or in light work.

For some dogs, however, especially those who will be continuing with different activities out of season, there needs to be very little dietary alteration and the Chudleys Sporting Range has been developed to support all gundogs, both during and after their working season. Scientific research is increasingly highlighting that keeping your dog on the same nutrient profile (especially fat levels in their diet) out of season, can help maintain their metabolism, enabling them to effectively utilise those nutrients in season!

Whether during the shooting or off-seasons, it is always important that each dog is fed as an individual, with the amount of food varying dependant on breed, activity, age and lifestyle. Regularly monitoring your dog’s bodyweight and condition is essential to enable relevant changes to be made to their diets.

If you would like further advice on feeding your dog over the winter months, the Chudleys nutritional helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Please call 01832 737 300 and we’ll be happy to help.

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