31 March 2020


Whether you intend to work your junior dog or not, their individual nutritional needs must always be taken into account. Selecting a food that supports their current level of activity, growth and mental & physical development is paramount in ensuring you give your junior dog the best possible start

Like humans, junior dogs require higher levels of energy and have more complex nutritional requirements than the average adult dog due to the very fact that they are growing and developing daily. Chudleys Puppy and Junior contains Omega 3 fatty acids to support neurological development, high-quality protein to encourage strong muscular development and carefully selected prebiotics to promote good gut health.

Gundog training tends to start during the first few months of a dog’s life and mainly consists of activities to promote the essential bonding needed between dog and handler. Trust, manners and responsiveness are the qualities that are built at this time, so calorie needs won’t necessarily increase or change.

Once the junior dog has reached maturity (the age at which they do varies from breed to breed), a suitable food designed for adults should be fed to support individual physical activity levels and body condition. Chudleys Classic provides a good starting point and a high-quality off-season diet that can be developed to support the activity level and career of the dog.

If you would like further advice on feeding your working dog, the Chudleys nutritional helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Please call 01832 737 300 and we’ll be happy to help.

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