31 March 2019


The boys are both German Short Haired Pointers, Gary is 6 months old and Russell is 4 months old. My partner and I both live in Stafford and moved into our new family home at the beginning of December 2018. My partner is a massive dog lover and I “wasn’t”. I emphasize the “wasn’t” as this soon changed! 

He talked me round to getting ONE family dog. Even though he really wanted two!! I said no chance! 

After much research and a visit to a dog show we both agreed on a German Short Haired. We came across this little beautiful pup. However, he was all the way over in Northern Ireland. My partner being the dog lover he is didn’t even have to think about it and off we set the day after Boxing Day on a 24 hour round trip from Stafford to Scotland by car then to Northern Ireland by ferry and back again with Gary in tow! 

Three weeks into having Gary my life changed completely and I too became a lover of dogs and it was I that suggested getting a second! 

Off we set to get Russell, this time the journey was shorter, 1.5 hours across to the Lake District! 

Gary and Russell soon became brothers and with an incredible loving unbreakable bond! The mischief doubled and holes in the garden doubled but our house instantly became a home! The boys will not sleep in separate beds and can often be found cuddling each other if they’re not cuddling up to us! We enjoy daily walks and spend most of our weekends on Cannock Chase. 

We love the dogs that much that they even have their own social media Instagram page Gary_Russell_GSP (we can’t keep all the cuteness to ourselves!) 

From not being a dog lover to now being the ultimate dog mum, I can honestly say getting these two boys is the best thing we have ever done and I love them more than I can put into words, genuinely our best friends for life! 

We chose to feed Chudleys Puppy/Junior diet and the boys just love it!! (They even do a dance the minute they hear the bag open!) It supplies them all the protein they need and has given them an incredibly shiny coat! 

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