19 June 2018


It’s important to understand that your puppy is in dog training from the moment that it arrives at your home. The young puppy is soaking up information from its new and exciting, but often scary environment. Now is the perfect time to establish the basics, teach the puppy to Come, Sit, Watch, Stay and walk to heel. By doing this we can head off unwanted behaviours.

Recall….It’s essential that we teach the pup to come when called. Use food to associate the sound, “Fido Come,” with rushing towards you to receive a tasty food reward.

Sit….Teach the puppy to sit quietly and focus on your face. We need the puppy to understand that sitting and focusing on our face will bring reward. Jumping up, barking or nipping will get nothing. In fact you should turn away and stand silent, look up at the sky, totally ignore the pup until he sits quietly then reward immediately.

Stay….By encouraging this behaviour we’re slowly teaching the Puppy self control. How to sit still and be quiet. This is a really important behaviour for excitable puppies to develop.

Heel…Walking at heel on a loose lead is best taught from the outset, use food rewards to coax into the heel position and maintain it whilst moving forward. A dog that pulls on a lead can be damaging for the Dog and very unpleasant sometimes dangerous to take for a walk.

Most importantly seek out the advice from a Top Quality Dog Trainer from the outset, ideally before you get the Puppy. Dogs are energetic, excitable, delightful companions and workmates. They deserve the very best you can give them

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