09 June 2017


Last year Chudleys celebrated their 40th Anniversary with their online Chudleys champion competition, that saw the winner receive 40 great prizes and 40 bags of Chudleys food to which, they kindly donated half to a charity close to them.

This year Chudleys would like to continue this donation process and are asking their customers to nominate a Charity of Choice.

Throughout June and July on social media, Chudleys will be asking their audience to nominate a charity that they think would benefit from receiving a food donation.

Chudleys specialist range of dog food is highly nutritious, containing substantial levels of quality protein that is designed to support and maintain any dog's health and well-being. We hope that by donating 40 bags of Chudleys nutritious food to a charity will help make a difference to the dogs in need.

July will see the nominations narrowed down to the top three charities.

The nation will then have their say by voting online for their number one choice. The voting system will only allow one vote per individual.

At the end of the voting period the charity with the most votes will be announced as the Chudleys Charity of Choice

Chudleys are really excited by the prospect of donating their food to a dog-related charity chosen by their customers. Some organisations work tirelessly for their cause, and hope their efforts will help transform a dog’s life.

Don’t delay!  Visit the Chudleys Facebook and Twitter page and nominate your favourite dog charity today and let us know why they would be deserving winners.

Visit Chudleys Facebook page: here

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