27 January 2018


If you haven’t owned or trained a puppy before, the most important quality to have is knowledge. Ensure you research, discuss, and perhaps attend a puppy training class before you collect your puppy.

Essential equipment needed:

  • Lead
  • Collar with identity disc inscribed with your contact details
  • Puppy crate 
  • Whistle 
  • Feed treats
  • Dummies and toys
  • Longline 
  • Training bag

If you intend to work a gundog in the field, you will require a huge amount of kit and clothing and one thing’s for sure - your family and friends will never be stuck for gift ideas!

  • There’s a lot to learn and it’s better to prevent bad habits with the right training rather than having to cure them. 
  • Your young pup will be like a sponge, absorbing all kinds of information and your job is to ensure your pup learns all the things you want them to learn. If you get this right you can avoid all kinds of behavioural problems. 
  • You need to become the centre of your little pup’s world with Food, Affection and Fun (FAF). Measured in the correct doses, you’ll get that bundle of trouble focussed on you. 
  • Keep them close! Once you start to take your puppy outside it’s important that you have a training plan to encourage your pup to hang around you.
  • The working breeds are ‘extra busy’ and if you don’t offer them plenty of ‘FAF’ they will quickly learn that other people, dogs and wildlife will give them all the food, affection and fun they need. Before you know it they will be out of control and be making a nuisance of themselves.
  • Learn as much as possible about the art of dog training and expect to put considerable thought, time, effort and money into the first eighteen months with your pup.

Our nutritionists say…

Specifically formulated to enhance development throughout the crucial growing stage, Chudleys Puppy/Junior ensures your puppy develops to their full potential. Suitable for all sizes of working dogs, Chudleys Puppy/Junior is ideal feed for puppies at the premature age of 2-3 weeks right the way through to adulthood.

Made with an abundance of beneficial nutrients including omega 3 fatty acids, Chudleys Puppy/Junior is an integral part of supporting and enhancing neural development and learning as puppies grow. Containing natural antioxidants and a beneficial herb package, the feed provides puppies with complete health and well being so they get all the strength needed to excel in the field. 

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