31 January 2018


Do you have what it takes to become the next Chudleys Gundog Champion? The competition is held at five Countryman Fairs events across the year - how many events you decide to compete at is completely up to you! The competition welcomes gundog handlers of all ages and abilities, and you are invited to sign up on the day of the event.

First time Junior Chudleys Gundog Championship competitor Cameron Stott qualified for the 2017 finals at the Midland Game Fair, the day before the final itself, and managed to secure 1st place with Springer Spaniel, Tilly. We caught up with Cameron who shares his experience of the event and encourages handlers thinking about competing, to just have a go!


What dog did Cameron compete in the 2017 Junior Chudleys Gundog Championship with?

Cameron competed with Roxberg Duffield Diva (known to us as Tilly).


Which Countryman Fairs events did Cameron compete at?

Cameron only competed at the Midland Game Fair on the morning of the final competition that he subsequently went on to win. It really was a dream day and we never imagined it would happen. He was purely having a fun day out and seeing what Tilly could do. We remember thinking how big and scary the arena looked for the afternoon competition! Lots of good accomplished dogs had already ran and not performed as well as envisaged. Cameron and Tilly were drawn to compete as the last pair and the pressure was building. 


How long has Cameron been gundog handling for?

Tilly is only 2 and this is his first gundog that he has trained and handled. He trains Tilly every day and is out at 7.00am before school with her come rain or shine!


Will Cameron be competing in the 2018 Junior Chudleys Gundog Championship?

Cameron does hope to compete again in the 2018 Junior Chudleys Gundog Championship. He also hopes to compete in the Kennel Club Junior Gundog test at Chatsworth. 


Do you have any tips or advice you would like to give to people competing for the first time?

I would encourage others to mostly enjoy the competition. Ensure you know and understand your dog so they are willing to work with you. Be prepared to spend a long time training. Other people tell us how crazy Springer Spaniels are supposed to be, but to Cameron she is a true friend. 

The first qualifying event of the season will be held at Kelmarsh Country Show in the heart of the Northampton and Leicestershire countryside.

For more information about the Chudleys Gundog Championship head over to www.gundogchampionship.com 

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