28 February 2017


Chudleys brand ambassador and skilled gundog trainer Howard Kirby is an expert when it comes to training working dogs. Now that the shooting season has come to an end, he provides his advice on your working dog’s activity.

  • It is advisable to give your dogs a few weeks off once the shooting season draws to a close. Most working dogs will be looking for game and will not be interested in retrieving dummies.
  • If you allow your dog a couple of weeks off without a retrieve you’ll get much better results when it comes to training with dummies.
  • At this time of year, some of you will have changed your focus to the Chudleys Gundog Championship or the BASC Chudleys Scurry League. The competitions are a lot of fun and there are fantastic prizes to be won, not to mention the glory of being crowned the ultimate champion.
  • If you have decided to have a go then begin training sooner rather than later to get yourself and your dog really tuned up - the competitions are fierce!
  • Whether you intend to run in the scurries, working tests or you want to prepare your dog for the next shooting season, keeping your dog mentally and physically stimulated over the spring and summer months is important.
  • It is possible that your dog’s obedience may have slipped over the shooting season, so time spent sharpening, refreshing and training new behaviours will be well spent.
  • It is important to get started on training instead leaving things until tomorrow. Before you know it time will have slipped by.
  • Time spent training gives you the opportunity to sort out those bad habits to make your dog just that little bit smarter.
  • Heelwork, steadiness, whistle work and directional control can always be improved.

So come on, get your training bag over your shoulder, put your whistle around your neck and get out there!

Chudleys Expert Nutritionists

In conjunction with Howard’s training advice, Chudleys in-house nutritionists suggest:

  • If your dog has had a busy shooting season and has remained active since the season ended then a high calorie, high protein diet such as Chudleys Working Crunch or Performance will sustain the dog and provide them with all the nutrition they need to perform to their best ability.
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