21 August 2019


Ready for the ‘big leagues’? 

Once you have mastered the early stages you might think about challenging for the title. The Chudleys Gundog Championship is one of the biggest competitions of its kind in the world. The 2019 gundog champion will be decided at the Midland Game Fair on the 15thSeptember and awarded an amazing £2,000 cash prize, an engraved trophy and rosette. However, before you consider entering top level competitions there are a few more areas you might need to focus on to build your all-round game. 

Shannon Hartree – Teach your dog to run in straight lines, so wherever you point your dog it should run that way. Start with a short distance and build it up as the dog’s confidence grows. In a scurry, if your dog runs straight to where you pointed and gets the dummy it will be a faster time. The dog will not be hunting where there is no dummy and you won’t have to waste time by stopping and re-directing him/her. Start with short easy retrieves and gradually make them more difficult then try it in open ground, starting easy again and build it up.

Howard Kirby- Study each scurry before your turn arrives. Watch how the dogs 'work the ground' to see where they hit scent for particular dummies. Once you know this you can set your dog up to take a particular line, which will make it easier and quicker for him to find them.Think about what your dog is able to see while queuing. Sometimes what the dog watches in front of him will be helpful as he will be marking the dummy you want him to retrieve.However, be careful that he is not locking onto a dummy from an adjacent or nearby launcher, as this may spoil your run.

Brody Chequer- Watch the handlers that are getting it right. Observe the way handlers set their dogs up, take note of the order they choose to pick dummies up in multi-retrieve situations. Make sure you know your own dog’s strengths and weaknesses and try to look at each scurry from their point of view. Don’t over handle your dog as this can be confusing and creates panic. Take the time to teach your dog to work to a hunt whistle or verbal command. If you put too much pressure on the dog with over handling, it will distract and slow them up.

Bringing it all together

Gundogs that qualify for the Chudleys Gundog Grand Final at the Midland Game Fair will be driven, fast, enthusiastic, powerful specimens and absolutely in tune with their handlers.To compete with the best, you and your dog need to be aligned in perfect harmony. This requires considerable time, effort and dedication. Don’t expect to become a ‘master handler’ overnight. Remember, scurrying is meant to be a fun experience for you and your dog. Spend as much time as possible speaking to handlers at every country fair you attend. You’ll gain valuable information and advice that will only help better your own skills.

The Chudleys Gundog Championship

The Chudleys Gundog Championship is the largest and most prestigious gundog scurry championship in the UK. Run across all five of Countryman Fairs spring and summer events, this competition offers dogs and owners of all abilities the opportunity to get involved in the most exciting and inclusive championship event in the gundog world to win a fabulous array of prizes. 

Chudleys Gundog Scurries are open to all breeds of dog and come in many different styles and formats. Each scurry is creatively themed and focuses on rewarding the key elements of handling and control. The Chudleys Gundog Scurries are open to all dog breeds, but only Kennel Club recognised gundog breeds can qualify for the Championship.

Qualifying rounds for the Chudleys Gundog Championship will take place at the below Countryman Fairs events: 

  •  Kelmarsh Country Show 21st& 22ndApril 2019
  •  Broadlands Country Show 5th& 6thMay 2019
  •      Highclere Country Show 26th& 27thMay 2019
  •      The Lowther Show 10th& 11thAugust 2019
  •      Midland Game Fair 14thSeptember 2019 

Entries start at £2.50 per scurry. For more information visit www.gundogchampionship.com

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