20 March 2019


We need to overcome the dogs natural fear of being restrained by the neck, do not force the lead over their head and then act surprised as they buck, pull, throw themselves on the floor and shows the whites of eyes. They’re terrified as would you be if you thought something was strangling you. Before being let loose on an unsuspecting dog you need to understand the use of a lead. So many behavioural problems are caused by tight leads. From the outset the lead must be loose on your dog. 

Make a big loop in the lead hold it just in front of the dog and then encourage your dog to put their head through the loop for a piece of feed. Teaching them to do this is time really well spent; a dog that’s lead shy is at best a nuisance to catch not to mention the behaviour implications of being scared of a lead. Once they’ve got that putting his head into a lead brings reward they’ll be into it in a flash and we can start to use it.

The lead is an essential piece of dog training equipment but its very existence can be something of a poison chalice. 

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