02 May 2018


The first qualifying round of the 2018 Chudleys Gundog Championship takes place at Countryman Fairs’ first event of the season at the Broadlands Country Show on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May. 

Year on year the Chudleys Gundog Championships draws in hundreds of handlers and their dogs. The competition aims to not only discover some of the finest talent in the world of scurry and working test handlers but also invites new competitors to participate. 

So, whether you’re a complete novice or a veteran of the gundog world, all ages and levels of handlers are welcome to bring along their dog and take up the challenge.

Competitors and spectators can look forward to scurries such as:

Long Retrieve

It's a scurry where every second counts. The long retrieve gundog scurry is all about speed, agility and memory. Once a dummy has been launched, your dog must retrieve the dummy in the fastest time possible. At the end of the competition, the working dog with the quickest time is awarded the winner. 

Short Fence:

A fun, fast and frantic representation of different obstacles you'll find on any shoot day. The short fence scurry includes a number of challenges similar to the long retrieve gundog scurry, with the addition of a small fence situated on the course. Once a dummy is launched from a static dummy launcher over the other side of a low fence your dog must retrieve the dummy, jumping the fence on both the outward and inward journey. 

Partridge Pen

The Partridge Pen Gundog Scurry simulates a retrieve that a gundog may be expected to make during the shooting season. Seemingly straightforward, this event can also be one of the most frustrating out of the selection of gundog scurries. Inches can seem like miles when all that stands between the dog and the dummy is a couple of millimeters of wire mesh, and no apparent way in!

Novice Retrieve

Open to all breeds of dogs, this scurry includes two simple retrieves, which aim to encourage the novice dog and handler to give the course a go!  

Working Test:

Under simulated shooting day conditions, the Gundog Working test challenges the abilities of gundogs under competitive conditions. The Working Test involves a compact test area, and is timed, rather than judged. This fast-paced, fun and entertaining event provides the perfect opportunity for handlers to show off their skills. 

Up ‘n’ Over

The Up ‘n’ Over is a frantic gundog scurry which always draws a crowd and is also a favourite with non-gundog breeds. An event where the dog that retrieves both dummies in the fastest time will be the winner, however, with four wooden fences between the dog and the dummies, this event is both captivating and full of tension. 

Chudleys Junior Gundog Championship

Aimed at the next generation of gundog handlers, the Chudleys Junior Gundog Championship offers unique competition that recognises and showcases true potential. Testing the handling skills of under 16’s the format of the competition is the first qualifying event for the Grand Final which is held at the Midland Game Fair on Sunday 15th September. 

How to enter:

To enter, simply register on the day on the Countryman Fairs Broadlands Country Show Website.

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