07 February 2017


John Robertson from The Gundog Company has shared some of the children's stories with us after teaching them how to train working dogs. 

Once gloomy morning when the sun was hiding behind the clouds, there was a small puppy sitting on a dirty street. The puppy had no home, but he really needed one. Everyone who walked past didn’t care about him, didn’t even notice him, until that very day…

One early morning, a little girl named Emily walked past and saw the lost puppy and noticed that he didn’t have a collar. She also noticed that he was starving so she went to her local store and bought some dog food with her pocket money.

After a few days of feeding the puppy Emily took him to the vet. She was so happy that he was okay that she went home to tell her mum, but she completely forgot that her mother was allergic to dogs. Eventually her mum said no.

Emily was super annoyed and low-spirited. Then she remembered that the dog was in her backyard, so went out to get him but he wasn’t there. After a few hours of searching for him she had lost all hope. Then her mum was looking at her and she realised that the puppy meant a lot to her, she said, “Come on, don’t give up. That pup needs a home and we’ve got a perfect one here.” 

Emily was over-joyed with excitement but the puppy was still missing and nobody knew where he was.

The puppy had thought he had been abandoned, that’s why he ran away. So he went back to the spot where they treated him like nothing. He was starving, sitting in the cold and rain while howling at people.

Just as he was howling at someone, Emily heard him. So she ran with all her might to save the lost puppy. When she finally reached him, the pound had reached him too. The nasty men took the puppy and shoved him in the back of the van. They didn’t fully shut the van doors so it was up to Emily to save the day.

As they slowed down, Emily jumped in the van and saw all of the poor dogs and puppies in there. She went closer and closer to ‘her’ dog and gently took him. The only trouble was getting out of the van.

Emily was really nervous, but she did it. With a great leap she jumped out of the van and ran home as quickly as she could. As soon as her mum saw here she ran towards Emily with tears in her eyes saying, “You did it, well done! I am so proud of you!”

After a few days of mum getting used to it, they went to the pet store, bought him a collar and named him Lucky.

The End

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