10 August 2020


Just like humans, all dogs and their nutritional needs are unique and so, as an owner, you should be choosing a feed based on your working dog as an individual. By taking into account things such as the age, weight, breed, activity level etc. and matching those to the appropriate levels of nutrients in specific feeds, you can rest assured that you will be nutritionally supporting your canine companion in the best way possible.

Some important factors to take into consideration when considering whether you are feeding your working dog the right food are:

✓ Does your dog maintain their desired body weight both when working in the season and when taking it a little easier in the off-season months? A change in season and workload may require a change to your dogs feed.

✓ Does their diet support their workload/activity levels – when they are working or training hard are they running up too thin or carrying a little too much weight even though they are in regular work?

✓ Is the dog looking healthy with bright eyes and a shiny coat?

✓ Are the dog’s stools healthy and consistent? Not too soft and not difficult for them to pass?

✓ Is their diet truly balanced? Like humans, dogs need a nutritionally balanced diet to support their needs for any day; resting or working and if they need a little extra help when injured or ill.

✓ Have you checked if your dog would suit a ‘sensitive’ diet? If they show signs of a dull coat or they develop itchy, sore skin, and are passing loose stools regularly it may indicate a wheat-gluten intolerance. If your dog is suffering from any of the above symptoms then we’d recommend one of our hypoallergenic feeds, which includes Lamb Sensitive, Salmon with Rice & Vegetables, Duck with Rice & Vegetables and Grain-Free Chicken & Vegetables.

✓ Have you explored whether your working dog needs any additional joint support? If they are stiff the morning after a working day, struggle to jump into your truck, look sore when they work or have difficulty getting up when they lie down Chudleys Senior is perfect for older dogs or Chudleys Duck/Salmon with Rice and Vegetables has added joint support too.

As always if you are unsure about how to best support your dog nutritionally, don’t hesitate to speak to your vet if you would like further advice on feeding your working dog, the Chudleys nutritional helpline is open 8:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Please call 01832 737 300 and we’ll be happy to help.

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