15 May 2020


At Chudleys, we have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable nutritionists who have your working dog’s best interests at heart. We recently took to social media to invite our fans to ask their feed- and diet-related questions to resident nutritionist, Amy. As well as posting her answers on our Instagram page, we have collated the responses below for your convenience.


Q. “I’m thinking of changing my dog to a Chudleys diet — how do I do this? And why is important to slowly transition his food?”

A. Amy says: “Diet changes should ideally be made gradually over a 10-14-day period to support the digestive system. Changing too quickly increases the risk of stomach upset and diarrhoea.”

Q. “My puppy has just turned eight months old and we’re sure he’s fully grown. Is it time to start feeding him an adult feed?” 

A. Amy says: “The best time to start feeding an adult diet depends on the breed of the dog, as well as the individual themselves; larger breeds typically take longer to mature, sometimes up to 18 months or more.

“If you’re confident they have finished most of their growth, then changing to an adult feed gradually, once a dog has reached maturity, is ideal.”

Q. “I’ve been feeding Chudleys Working Crunch for many years, but sometimes the biscuits look different. Why is this the case?”

A. Amy says: “Slight variation in colour and kibble size is normal as we use natural ingredients, so the kibble can vary depending on the crops we receive. You may see variations in colour, but we produce our feeds to a fixed formulation and to provide a consistent nutritional specification.”

Q. “On the Chudleys Classic label it says ‘Poultry Meal’ — what does this mean?”

A. Amy says: “A poultry meal is a dried and ground poultry source that we use in extruded dog diets. Itis a valuable protein source.”

Q. “What food would you recommend that’s hypoallergenic and lower in protein for an out-of-season gundog?”

A. Amy says: “The Chudleys Salmon, Rice & Vegetables is a great option. This diet is lower protein in comparison to Chudleys Working Crunch and provides a well-balanced alternative for an out-of-season gundog.”

Q. “Our puppy has a really sensitive tummy and has become really windy on his current food so we’re thinking of changing his diet. Will Chudleys puppy feed suit him?”

A. Amy says: “Dogs are all individuals so what has worked for one may not be work for another. In cases like these, it can often be trial and error if the cause of the sensitivity is unknown.

“A gentle transition over to an alternative diet that is better suited to your dog as an individual should help to support digestion and reduce flatulence.”

Q. “My bitch had a litter a month ago — do we need to change her diet?”

A. Amy says: “As long she is maintaining a healthy body weight on the current diet to see her through weaning, then no. Once the puppies are weaned, her diet can be adjusted to support her condition and activity.”

Q. “My dog has put on a little bit of weight since the shooting season ended. How many calories are in Chudleys Lite?”

A. Amy says: “Chudleys Lite contains approximately 316 kcal/100g.

“We recommend using the feeding guidelines found on pack, but to always adjust to your individual dog to best suit their activity level and body condition.”

Do you have any nutrition-related questions that were not answered in our Q&A? Our expert nutritionists are on hand 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday. Simply pick up the phone and give them a call on 01832 727 300.

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