26 November 2018


Chudleys Senior is a tasty sensation with all the nutritional benefits.

Specifically formulated to help with the effects and symptoms of old age, Chudleys Senior is a flavoursome feed packed full of nutrition. The recipe contains no artificial colours or flavourings and is a soya-free recipe.

Chudleys have formulated their feed with lower metabolism energy of 361kcal per 100g, this provides aging dogs with quality nutrients without the additional calories.

Older working dogs with reduced mobility or a more relaxed exercise program require additional support to strengthen their immune system, digestive system and kidneys. Chudleys have reduced sodium and phosphorus levels, while taurine and carnitine help to support a healthy heart. The recipe features advanced levels of omega 3 fatty acids from salmon oil, green-lipped mussel and QLC antioxidants to support active joints and musculo-skeletal health.

Lean protein from chicken effectively supports muscle and immune function, and an advanced flavour package allows older dogs with a reduced taste sensation to enjoy a flavoursome feed while benefitting from key nutrients. 

The age at which you should begin feeding Chudleys Senior will depend on your dog. It is recommended that once your dog starts to show signs of ageing, it’s best to start feeding Chudleys Senior. This is usually around the age of 10 years old for smaller dogs and 7 years old for larger dogs. 

Chudleys Senior - Designed to provide for the changes in your dog's nutritional needs as he gets older.

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