25 October 2018


As your best friend enjoys some well deserved playtime or a long walk you might notice on occasion that they start to munch on grass. Alarm bells might start ringing in your brain, but before you call your vets, here are some things you need to consider as to why your dog might be eating grass…

Dogs eating grass is fairly common canine behaviour. Also known as “Pica”, which means dogs eating things that are not typically characterized as food. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a problem with your best friend; it can be a sign of boredom or playfulness, especially in puppies and younger dogs.       

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from upset stomachs. Gastrointestinal upset, which can cause nausea, gas and bloating, is a common ailment that can result in your dog chomping on your lawn. 

The purpose of eating grass with an upset stomach is to induce vomiting. Once they have located a good spot, dogs are not selective; they’ll attempt to eat as much grass as they can to help. Once your dog has successfully been sick they tend to feel much better and go back to being their happy selves. 

Another cause for your best friend making a meal of your garden is they could be suffering from intestinal worms. Consuming plant material will increase intestinal mobility and help them eliminate intestinal parasites. 

Dogs can often eat grass if they are under-fed or don’t have access to adequate food. It also could mean that they need more key ingredients such as fibre or roughage, which grass is an abundant source of both.  

If your dog continues to eat grass and show signs of gastrointestinal upset it could be signs that you need to revaluate their diet. 

Along with a Royal Warrant here at Chudleys we have over 40 years experience in the feeding of dogs and we offer a wide selection of recipes that are suitable for a number of dietary restrictions.  Love, care, expertise and attention is in every bag.

Our diets include Lamb Sensitive and Salmon Maintenance both wheat gluten free and our Salmon diet is hypoallergenic. Our New Duck recipe is wheat gluten soy free and Hypoallergenic and our New Grain Free is a great way to rule out all the Grains!

If you need advice then talk to our Nutrition team for some friendly free feeding information. They can be contacted Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm on 0845 345 2627.

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