14 November 2019


We caught up with Howard Kirby, Chudleys brand ambassador and renowned gundog trainer, about how he adjusts his dogs’ feeding during the winter months to keep them at the top of their game as the temperature drops and the workload increases.

Q How much do you feed your gundogs in the winter?

A “Here at Mullenscote, we regularly take advice from the nutrition specialists at Chudleys. The demands of the shooting season and winter mean that we like to give the dogs a little more food in their daily diet to maintain their condition. We ask a lot from our dogs in competitions and the shooting field, so getting the right balance is essential.”

Q What do you consider when choosing the right diet for your gun dog?

“The dogs in our kennel don’t all have the same nutritional requirements. This varies according to their type, temperament and workload. Chudleys offers a range of diet choices enabling us to find a food that complements each dog.”

Q How do you tell if you’re getting your dogs’ nutrition right?

A “Constant awareness of our dogs’ body condition and general health is an ongoing process that we take very seriously. Our dogs compete and work at the highest level. Energy, enthusiasm, muscle tone and a shiny coat are all indicators that help us to keep our dogs in tip-top condition.”

Q When is the best time of day to feed your gundog if you’re expecting them to do a full day of work in the field?

A “We ensure the dogs have been fed at least a couple of hours before they start work. It’s equally important that we can replace the energy and calories that a hard day in the field demands before the end of the day. The excellent range that Chudleys offer is makes it easy to achieve this.”

If you would like further advice on feeding your dog over the winter months, the Chudleys nutritional helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Please call 0845 345 2627 and we’ll be happy to help.

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