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Thursday 24 of January 2019

24th January - Puppy Training with Howard Kirby - Part One Come, Sit and Watch Me!

Regular indoor training sessions using the pups food can begin on day one, put a piece of kibble between thumb and fore-fingers, put the food in front of his nose and lure him towards you gently stepping back into the hoop, keep the food on his nose otherwise he’ll lose it and get distracted, gently lift the food hand over his head and as the little tyke sits feed him, perfect, the fun begins. Repeat this up to ten times then finish and walk away. 

This is just the beginning; we can quickly build this into come, sit, watch/focus and reward. If you’re proficient with the whistle use it softly, blow a series of light pips as the puppy moves towards you, as he sits another very soft single pip. First time users of a whistle usually blow it too hard and sound like a demented canary. You will need to practice using it. Don’t be shy but keep the volume down. The more mini sessions you pack into the pup’s day the quicker he will develop, building his focus on you.