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Tuesday 26 of February 2019

26th February - Puppy Training with Howard Kirby - Part Two: Stay There and Watch Me

Once we’ve got him rushing towards you parking his bum on the floor and looking up at you with real focus we can build the Sit/Stay. Take the smallest step backwards with one foot and immediately bring it back to the edge of the hoop, rewarding the puppy for not moving. 

It’s very important at this stage that we come back to him. We need him to understand that “If I just sit here the fat bloke in the stupid hat will come back to me and give me a food reward, easy.” (obviously the ‘fat bloke’ is a reference to myself before you start a hate mail campaign.) 

Build this exercise slowly and he will get it really quickly, the puppy will follow if you move away too quickly. Now, he’s secure in his seat you can move left and right building to a level where you can walk right around him, practice the hokey-cokey or even do your Zumba class while the youngster sits and watches albeit a little bemused by your Zumba, maybe a little scared by the males amongst us that are tempted into Lycra shorts. By the way, that’s wrong chaps, nasty, put it away, Lycra was made for girls.