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Monday 10 of December 2018

10th December - What’s in the Bag? – Chudleys Working Crunch

Formulated with extra energy for adult working and sporting dogs to help them maintain stamina and performance. 

Active working dogs require a healthy, nutritious diet to ensure they perform to their full potential. Whether your working dog has a busy day’s work ahead or they are competing in the new Chudleys Gundog Championship, Chudleys Working Crunch will see them right through the day.

Designed with increased levels of fat, Working Crunch contains a source of slow releasing energy to enhance stamina. High-quality protein supports working dogs’ muscle cell and maintenance regeneration to aid recovery during and after a busy day in the field.

Chudleys Working Crunch recipe contains an abundance of nutrients to keep dogs active, specifically formulated for working dogs with a moderate to hard workload. 

Green lipped mussel is  incorporated into the unique recipe to help support the muscoskeletal system. Made with a QLC natural antioxidant package, an excess of potentially harmful free radicals can be ‘mopped up’ as antioxidants bind to the free radicals.

As active working dogs perspire throughout the day, Chudleys have formulated Working Crunch with sodium chloride to help replace salts and electrolytes, which are lost during perspiration to help rehydrate the body. Made with taurine and carnitine, Chudleys Working Crunch diet consists fat content that is utilised to increase stamina whilst supporting a healthy heart, while mannan oligosaccharides support intestinal health and strengthen the immune system.

Chudleys Working Crunch – Designed to support working and sporting dogs in the field.