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Friday 05 of April 2019

5th April - Top Tips for Duck Distraction with Laura Bacon

Check out our latest tips from gundog guru, Laura Bacon on addressing the Chudleys Duck Distraction. 


- Ensure your dog is steady and won’t run in to shot or the throwing of dummies.


- Make sure your dog will...

Sunday 31 of March 2019

31st March - Elyse Cumberlidge: 'The Ultimate Dog Mum' - My Chudleys Story

The boys are both German Short Haired Pointers, Gary is 6 months old and Russell is 4 months old. My partner and I both live in Stafford and moved into our new family home at the beginning of December 2018. My partner is a...

Wednesday 20 of March 2019

20th March - Puppy Training with Howard Kirby - Part 3: Introducing a Lead

We need to overcome the dogs natural fear of being restrained by the neck, do not force the lead over their head and then act surprised as they buck, pull, throw themselves on the floor and shows the whites of eyes. They’re...

Tuesday 26 of February 2019

26th February - Puppy Training with Howard Kirby - Part Two: Stay There and Watch Me

Once we’ve got him rushing towards you parking his bum on the floor and looking up at you with real focus we can build the Sit/Stay. Take the smallest step backwards with one foot and immediately bring it back to the edge of the...

Thursday 07 of February 2019

7th February - The Chudleys Gundog Championship set to return with a bang in 2019!

The Chudleys Gundog Championship set to return with a bang in 2019! 


Chudleys are thrilled to announce the ever popular Chudleys Gundog Championship will return in 2019 for a fourth consecutive year. The championship...

Thursday 24 of January 2019

24th January - Puppy Training with Howard Kirby - Part One Come, Sit and Watch Me!

Regular indoor training sessions using the pups food can begin on day one, put a piece of kibble between thumb and fore-fingers, put the food in front of his nose and lure him towards you gently stepping back into the hoop, keep...

Thursday 03 of January 2019

3rd January - One on One with Brody Chequer

How did you first get into gundog training? - I first got into gundog training on Father’s Day 2013; my stepdad got me out of bed and said “do I want to win a car?” Obviously I shot up and off we went to Countryman Fairs Sussex...

Monday 10 of December 2018

10th December - What’s in the Bag? – Chudleys Working Crunch

Formulated with extra energy for adult working and sporting dogs to help them maintain stamina and performance. 

Active working dogs require a healthy, nutritious diet to ensure they perform to their full potential. Whether...

Monday 26 of November 2018

26th November - What’s in the Bag? - Chudleys Senior

Chudleys Senior is a tasty sensation with all the nutritional benefits.Specifically formulated to help with the effects and symptoms of old age, Chudleys Senior is a flavoursome feed packed full of nutrition. The recipe contains...

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