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Chudleys Nutritional Helpline


Q: I want to change my dog onto Chudleys. How do I do this?

When changing your dog’s diet it is important to introduce the new food gradually over a period of up to seven days to allow your dog’s digestive system to adapt to the new diet.  Start by mixing in a small amount of your new Chudleys food with your dog’s previous diet, gradually increasing the amount of Chudleys and decreasing the previous food, until you are completely switched over to Chudleys. Allowing your dog’s digestive system to adapt will aid in avoiding digestive upset.

Q: Do I need to add any other food to my dog’s Chudleys diet?

No, all Chudleys feeds are complete diets, specially formulated with optimum nutrient, vitamin and mineral levels to support your dog. When additional food is added in on top of the complete diet this can upset the nutritional balance of the diet.

Q: What is meant by ‘Ash’ in the nutritional information of my dog’s food?

Ash is a legal term which represents the general mineral content of the food and is a legal requirement on a pet food label.

Q: Does Chudleys contain any beaks, claws or feathers?

No, absolutely not. Chudleys operates an open declaration policy, meaning that everything that goes into your dog’s food is declared on the label. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best ingredients and only use human-grade meat that is of nutritional benefit to the dog, therefore no beaks, claws or feathers will ever be present in your dog’s food.

Q: Does Chudleys contain artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives?

No, Chudleys use no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. We use our natural antioxidant package to keep every bag of Chudleys as fresh as the day it was packaged.

Q: Will every bag of my dog’s food look the same?

Due to natural raw material variation the colour of the feed may differ slightly between batches, however rest assured that we test every raw ingredient and every batch of completed food that leaves our mill to ensure that every bag of Chudleys is consistently produced to the same high standard.

Q: Chudleys is not as expensive as some other brands of dog food. Is there a reason for this?

We know that your dog means the world to you, however you do not want his feed to cost the earth so we offer excellent feeds at a competitive price, with no compromise on quality!

Q: Can I add water to Chudleys feeds?

You can feed Chudleys either with or without the addition of water or gravy, in accordance to your dog’s preferences. Be careful not to add boiling water to the feed as this will damage the vitamins and minerals in the feed.

Q: How much should I feed my dog?

The feeding guidelines on the website and bag should only be used as a guide. It is important that each dog is fed as an individual, with the amount fed varying dependant on breed, activity, age and lifestyle. It is important to monitor your dog’s bodyweight and condition and make changes to the diet accordingly.

Q: I wish to feed my dog a wheat gluten free recipe, do you have anything suitable?

Yes, Puppy/Junior, Salmon with Rice & Vegetables, Lamb with Vegetables, Oats and Rice and Performance are all wheat gluten and soya free.

Q: My dog is currently being fed Puppy/Junior, at what age should I change on to an adult ration?

The age at which to move your dog onto an adult ration is dependent on breed and the individual dog, however our general guidelines are:
Small (5-10kg) - Between 8-10 months
Medium (10-25kg) - Between 10-12 months
Large (25-45kg) - At approximately 12 months
Very Large (45kg+) - At approximately 18 months

Q: I would like a food that contains joint support for my dog. Which products can I choose?

  • Puppy/Junior containing glucosamine
  • Performance containing green-lipped mussel, glucosamine and Mobility Herbs
  • Salmon with Rice and Vegetables Maintenance containing green-lipped mussel, glucosamine and mobility herbs
  • Senior containing green-lipped mussel and mobility herbs
  • Working Crunch containing green-lipped mussel and mobility herbs