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Rabbit Royale

Rabbit Royale

The feed

Rabbit Royale

Rabbit Royale

  • Best-selling complete muesli, ideal for growing & adult rabbits
  • Tasty wholesome mix of pellets, cereals & forage
  • With added herbs and vegetables for an appetising aroma
  • Good levels of beneficial fibre (32%) and prebiotics to help support digestive health
  • Feed in addition to clean, dust free long fibre such as hay to a happy healthy rabbit


Grass, Oatfeed, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Alfalfa, Wheatfeed, Maize, Dehulled soya bean, Glucose, Peas, Carrot, Unmolassed beet pulp (6% total vegetables), Straw, Marigolds, Dicalcium phosphate, Mint, Rape oil, Nettle (2% total herbs), Mannan oligosaccharides (0.1%), Blackcurrant, Kale, Spinach, Beetroot, Rosemary, Rosehip, Pomegranate.

Analytical Constituents:

Protein 12%

Fat Content 2.5%

Crude Fibres 14%

Crude Ash 6%



    Life stageDaily requirement (g)
    Growing (up to 1 year of age)Free choice, typically 100-120g
    Adult Maintenance25g/kg bodyweight
    Lactating75g/kg bodyweight

    Further information can be found on the bag but always ensure that clean fresh drinking water is available at all times.